What Global Leaders Were Saying About Cape Town 2010

“The 1974 Lausanne Congress was critical to the evangelism efforts of that day. But the issues facing today’s generation are radically different. That’s why I strongly support the need for a new congress in 2010.”

Rev. Billy Graham
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Founder, Lausanne Movement

“The first Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization was held in 1974 in Lausanne, Switzerland; its commitment to reach the world was expressed in its ‘Covenant’.

Fifteen years later (in 1989), the second Lausanne Congress was held in Manila, Philippines; its commitment to ‘make Christ known’ worldwide was expressed in the ‘Manila Manifesto’.

Now we are being called to prepare, through prayer and study, for Cape Town 2010: The Third Lausanne Congress. We are resolved that it be conducted ‘in the spirit of Lausanne’, that is, in boldness and humility, and in a way that is simultaneously faithful to the biblical gospel and sensitive to the contemporary world.

Please join with us to make this a truly global partnership. Our spirit is one of joy and of hope that God will work in fresh ways as we look forward to Christ’s return.”

Rev. Dr. John R. W. Stott
Chief architect, The Lausanne Covenant
Honorary Chairman, Lausanne Movement

“I praise God for the Lausanne Movement and as chairman of the Africa Host Committee it will be my privilege to welcome the Cape Town 2010 delegates to the continent of Africa. The church in Africa and also around the world needs the fresh stimulation and motivation to evangelism which this congress will bring. The congress will also equip us all in tackling the new issues and demanding challenges facing Christianity both here and world-wide.”

Most Revd Henry Luke Orombi
7th Archbishop, The Church of the Province of Uganda
Chairman, Cape Town 2010 Africa Host Committee

“It’s exciting to see God at work.  With the announcement of Cape Town 2010, it’s clear that He has continued to work in the hearts of His people, mobilizing them to world evangelization and with a willingness to cooperate at a global scale.”

Dr. J. Samuel Escobar
Professor, Theological Seminary of the Spanish Baptist Union
Chair, Cape Town 2010 Advisory Council

“The church needs renewed momentum, passion and focus on the unique problems facing this generation. The 2010 Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization will be a historic opportunity for discussion, strategy and action.”

Pastor Rick Warren
Senior Pastor, Saddleback Church
Member, Cape Town 2010 Advisory Council

“I invite every Christian leader, church, denomination and believer—anyone who cares about reaching the world for Christ—to join hands and band together backing the 2010 Lausanne Congress. It’s truly that important.”

Dr. Jack W. Hayford
President, Foursquare Church and Chancellor, Kings College and Seminary
Member, Cape Town 2010 Advisory Council

“It will be our great privilege as South African believers to host the Cape Town 2010 Congress in Cape Town. Cape Town 2010 will add enormous impetus and encouragement to the African church to fulfill its destiny in World Mission in the 21st century. I rejoice also to see this renewal and rejuvenation of the Lausanne Movement at a time when many in the church across the world are losing their nerve about evangelism in a post-modern era. The need is great and urgent to revisit our theology both of evangelism and the uniqueness of Christ, and then be motivated afresh as those at Edinburgh in 1910, into the evangelization of our world in this generation. We need to show that our changeless Gospel is more relevant than ever in these changing times.”

Dr. Michael Cassidy
Founder and International Team Leader, African Enterprise
Chairman, Cape Town 2010 Mission Committee

“A key to successful world evangelization is embracing the richness of the entire body of Christ.  Cape Town 2010 will rally the global church to advance the Great Commission.”

Rev. Dr. Mrs. Judy Mbuga
Chair, Pan Africa Christian Women
Team leader, Association of Evangelicals in Africa

“Cape Town 2010 promises to be a truly global initiative, and not just one from the west, for proclaiming the Gospel of Christ in the 21st century. What a wonderful way to further the vision of the 1910 World Missionary Conference of Edinburgh!”

Bishop Hwa Yung
The Methodist Church in Malaysia
Chairman, Cape Town 2010 Participant Selection Committee

“As a young leader at the 1974 Lausanne International Congress on World Evangelization, I was tremendously impacted by the vision, unity and creativity of all the presenters as well as the many participants whom I had the privilege of getting to know. My prayer is that the revived Lausanne Movement, which is gearing up for Cape Town 2010, will do for the 21st century what the Lausanne Movement did for the latter part of the 20th century.”

Mr. Ramez Atallah
General Director, The Bible Society of Egypt
Chairman, Cape Town 2010 Programme Planning Committee

“I believe that Cape Town 2010 will be remembered as an historic moment in the modern history of the church when global church leaders embraced young leaders from around the world with Christ-like love allowing the winds of God to sweep to untouched peoples and nations.”

 Dr. Michael Oh
 President, Christ Bible Seminary, Japan
 Lausanne YLG-06 Keynote Speaker and member of the Lausanne Administrative Committee

“I’m grateful for Lausanne’s commitment to the whole Gospel of Christ. The 2010 Lausanne Congress will emphasize that true evangelism means reaching out in Jesus’ name to every part of society — including those who are sick, hungry, poor and disabled.”

Mrs. Joni Eareckson Tada
Founder, Joni and Friends International Disability Center
Lausanne Senior Associate for Evangelism Among Disabled People

“I believe the Cape Town 2010 Congress will make a major contribution to world evangelization.”

Mr. Steve Douglass
President, Campus Crusade for Christ International

“A key to successful world evangelization is embracing the richness of the entire body of Christ – and then inviting its participation. The Cape Town 2010 Congress will enthusiastically rally the global church to complete the Great Commission.”

Pastor Ken Fong
Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles

“Unity.  Energy.  Focus. All three are all too rare within the Church today.  And yet, there has never been a more important time to seek all three! I applaud Lausanne’s desire to bring humble, loving, and hope-filled partnerships to worldwide evangelization and pray that Cape Town 2010 will see many more of these partnerships developed to the glory of God. We at EE are incredibly excited about being a part of Lausanne and this Congress!” 

Rev. John B. Sorensen
President, Evangelism Explosion International

“I believe that Cape Town 2010 has the potential of greatly advancing the mission that our Lord has given to His Church to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with every man, woman, young person and child in the world. Please join with Christian believers from around the world in praying for a great movement of the Holy Spirit through this potentially historic gathering of evangelism and mission leaders from around the globe.”

Dr. Paul Cedar
The Mission America Coalition

Video of Leaders on Cape Town 2010 

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