The Church in a Post-Covid World: Part II

28 May 2021 Online

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be felt across the world, the church is grappling to fulfill its role and mission. To address this struggle, the Lausanne Theology Working Group (TWG) has organized a series of two webinars around the topic of ‘The Church in a Post-COVID World.’

The first webinar on 30 April brought together theologians from different parts of the world to discuss some of the theological issues that the pandemic has raised. The second webinar on 28 May considered the pastoral and missional practices that have shaped the church’s response around the world. It was a unique opportunity to learn from the experiences of ministry leaders and pastors and to participate in global conversations about how God is working in these unprecedented times as we move forward.

Dr Ivor Poobalan, Colombo Theological Seminary

Prof Heidi Campbell, Texas A&M University
Rei Crizaldo, Tearfund and the Micah Network
Dr O. J. Dickson, ECWA Central Area Church, Abuja, Nigeria
Dr David Lim, Asian School for Development and Cross-cultural Studies

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