Proclaim 2020 Africa Evangelistic Congress: Virtual Edition

1 - 5 Dec 2020 Online

Various Christian organizations in Africa and globally came together virtually for the Proclaim 2020 African Evangelists Congress on 1-5 December 2020. The event gathered more than 1,500 Proclaim evangelists from all African countries.

The purpose of Proclaim 2020 African Evangelists Congress was to bring African evangelists together from each one of the 54 African nations to connect, reflect, pray, and strategize on the total evangelization of Africa. The need for Proclaim 2020 in Africa has never been more apparent. The growing challenges for local evangelists in Africa combined with the increasing disconnect of evangelistic efforts create a need for evangelists from every country in Africa to come together to ensure that Africa hears God’s voice!

This congress brought together all the evangelists in their different spheres, such as marketplace/workplace evangelists, pastor evangelists, apologetics evangelists, university evangelists, mass evangelists, church planters, friendship evangelists, missionary evangelists, artist evangelists, and media evangelists. Theologians, missions administrative personnel, and other church leaders also connected. The congress also sought to connect emerging evangelists with senior evangelists.