Peace and Reconciliation in the Korean Peninsula: A Pre-Congress Consultation

20 - 21 Sep 2024 Incheon National University

This pre-Congress consultation aims to gather passionate individuals committed to healing and reconciliation in the Korean Peninsula. Join us at the Incheon National University on September 20th and 21st, 2024. If you have any questions please email to [email protected].

Hole in Whole: Seeking Wholeness in a Divided Land

The Lausanne Movement champions the pursuit of ‘whole gospel, whole church, and whole world’. However, the Korean Peninsula represents a stark ‘hole in this whole’—a painful wound of division separating families, communities, and an entire nation.

This pre-Congress consultation, taking place from 20-21 September 2024, aims to gather passionate individuals committed to healing and reconciliation in the Korean Peninsula.

Who Should Attend?

This consultation is ideal for:

  • Christian leaders seeking to leverage their faith for peacebuilding initiatives.
  • Peace and reconciliation practitioners wishing to deepen their understanding of the Korean context.
  • Scholars and activists interested in exploring theological and practical solutions for conflict transformation.
  • Anyone with a heart for reconciliation and a desire to learn more about the Korean Peninsula.

Why Attend?

Gain firsthand experience: The gathering includes visits to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and other significant sites, offering a deeper understanding of the division’s impact.

Engage with experts: Learn from renowned speakers, theologians, and practitioners in the field of Korean peacebuilding.

Connect with like-minded individuals: Build relationships with others passionate about reconciliation and explore collaborative opportunities.

Contribute to a solution: Participate in workshops and discussions that will shape a collective vision for a more peaceful future in Korea.

What to Expect

September 20th:
Daytime: Guided tours of the DMZ and other historical sites.
Evening: Worship and prayer for peace in the Peninsula and the world.

September 21st:

Full-day conference featuring keynote presentations from field workers and experts on Korean peace and reconciliation, and opportunities for group discussions and networking.

Intended Outcomes

This consultation aims to:

  • Raise awareness: Increase global understanding of the ongoing pain and challenges faced by the Korean people.
  • Equip participants: Provide attendees with the knowledge and resources to become catalysts for reconciliation efforts.
  • Develop a vision: Collectively explore and articulate a shared vision for a peaceful and unified Korean Peninsula.
  • Foster collaboration: Create a network of committed individuals and organizations working towards reconciliation.

Join us in this crucial conversation. Let’s explore the ‘hole in the whole’ and work together towards a future of wholeness for the Korean Peninsula and beyond!