Lausanne Caribbean Leaders Gathering

L4 Regional Gathering

5 - 8 Jul 2023 Georgetown, Guyana

5-8 July, 2023

Lausanne Caribbean Leaders Gathering

120 leaders from all over the Caribbean region gathered from 5-8 July in Georgetown, Guyana, and online to connect and collaborate for the advancement of the Great Commission. The conference theme was ‘Redefining “MISSION” for the Caribbean Church in the 21st century: God on the Move!’.

The programme was filled with excellent keynote speakers, table group interactions, Scripture engagement, workshops, and discussion groups. The five key topics were: 

1) ‘The Caribbean Church: Making Disciples or Discipling the Nations?’

2) ‘The Gospel in the Workplace and in the Diaspora’

4) ‘The Mental Health Challenge: Spiritual Healing and the Church’

3) ‘Caribbean Youth and Church Engagement’

5) ‘Climate Change, the Caribbean Environment, and the Gospel’

Watch all keynote presentations here:

The Gospel and Mission in the Market Place the Diaspora

Spiritual Healing and the Mental Health Challenge

Caribbean Youth and the Church

The Environment/Creation Care and the Gospel

The Caribbean Church and the Disciple – Making Challenge

Bible Exposition 1 Peter 2

Bible Exposition 1 Peter 1

December 14, 2022

The Journey towards the gathering began on December 14, 2022 with a high-level webinar featuring:

  • Dr. Michael Young Oh – Global Executive Director / CEO of the Lausanne Movement;
  • Dr. Sam George – Director of the Global Diaspora Institute; (watch video)
  • Dr. Denise-Margaret Thompson – National Director of Black Scholars and Professionals, InterVarsity/USA; (watch video)
  • Jurie Kriel – Catalyst for Cities (watch video)
  • Dr. Las G. Newman – Global Associate Director for Regions – Lausanne Global. (watch video)
  • Dario Richards (watch video)

The session was ably chaired by Dr. Yolande Cooke – Regional Team Member.