Health for All Nations Meeting

26 Aug 2023 Online

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One of the greatest challenges facing the church was the need for people everywhere to live healthy and fulfilling lives, which the Bible called Shalom. Lausanne Health for All Nations wanted to connect people for global mission around this issue by hosting a webinar on the topic ‘Encontros de Saúde para todas as Nações’. 

The first part of this four-part series for Portuguese-speakers was held on 26 August 2023

Holistic health, or Shalom, was at the heart of Jesus’ ministry on earth, as we see from his integration of preaching, teaching, and discipleship together with deliverance and healing. Jesus cared for the whole person—body, soul, and spirit—within the social context of each individual, and he desired that his disciples around the world would continue this form of ministry.

Unfortunately, dualism (separation of our faith from the rest of our lives), as well as the reductionist attitude (exaggerated simplification of complex situations and phenomena) was adopted by the church and in the attitudes of many who deal with health, disease, and comprehensive care. 

This series seeks to answer how Christians can recapture this integral and holistic calling, working in unity for the healing of nations.