Praying Together for the Fulfillment of the Great Commission: Daily Prayer through The Cape Town Commitment

About the Plan

To equip Christians around the world to pray together for the fulfillment of the Great Commission, the Lausanne Movement has published 7 daily devotional plans through the free YouVersion Bible app, used by tens of millions of people globally.

Each of the 7 plans ranges from 5 to 10 days in length, with a short daily devotional, prayer, and Bible reading based on the text of The Cape Town Commitment (CTC).

The Cape Town Commitment is a biblical affirmation of evangelical faith and the roadmap for the Lausanne Movement today. Emerging from the 2010 Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization in Cape Town, the CTC represents the voices of 4,000 participants from 198 countries. The CTC is framed in the language of love and is a purposeful articulation of our call to action for global mission.

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Daily Devotional Plans

We Love Because God First Loved Us (10 Days)

God’s relentless love is the life-blood of his mission. This love was most remarkably displayed in the culmination of his grand salvation plan: sending his very own Son to live and minister on earth, finally dying a sinner’s death on the cross, that we might be redeemed by our faith in him and raised with him in his resurrection. Such perfect love demands a response—we love because God first loved us.

Bearing Witness to the Truth of Christ in a Globalised Pluralistic World (5 Days)

Truth, even the mere notion thereof, is constantly under attack in today’s world. Yet Christ claims to be ‘the truth, the way, and the life’, an exclusive statement that asserts that Christ alone is the way for humanity to be reconciled to God. As Christ’s disciples, we are called to be people of truth—both in word and deed—bearing witness to our glorious Saviour.

Building the Peace of Christ in Our Divided and Broken World (5 Days)

Our reconciliation to God through Christ has brought us peace with Him, yet it also calls us to become agents of peace in the world today. The peace that Christ has made for us also means peace for the poor and oppressed, those with disabilities, individuals living with HIV and other diseases, as well as for all of creation.

Living the Love of Christ Among People of Other Faiths (5 Days)

Jesus’ call for us to love our neighbours as ourselves includes people of other faiths, even if this puts us at risk of danger and shame. The Bible is clear that at times, the love of Christ may call us to suffer, even die for the sake of the gospel. Yet still we realize that our love should reach out to all people, including those scattered around the world.

Discerning the Will of Christ for World Evangelization (5 Days)

The task of world evangelization remains unfinished: in particular, unreached and unengaged people groups, majority-world children, and those who are a part of oral cultures still need to be reached with the gospel. We need to raise up Christ-like leaders and a church committed to prayer to take up the task of discerning Christ’s will for world evangelization.

Calling the Church of Christ Back to Humility, Integrity and Simplicity (5 Days)

As believers we are a part of God’s new humanity, and as a result we are called to walk in distinctiveness. We are called to walk in love, rejecting the idolatry of disordered sexuality. We are called to walk in humility, rejecting the idolatry of power. Walking in integrity, we reject the idolatry of success. And rejecting the power of greed, we are called to walk in simplicity.

Partnering in the Body of Christ for Unity in Mission (5 Days)

Jesus prays for his church to be one in unity, working together to achieve the goal of world evangelization. Global mission today needs men and women in partnership for the gospel, innovative collaboration through theological education, and strategic global connections—all to the glory of God!

About the Lausanne Movement

Lausanne’s unique calling is to connect influencers and ideas for global mission.

Some have likened Lausanne to a missional think tank, as we seek to facilitate gatherings and establish collaborative networks of mission-minded leaders from all parts of the world.