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Audio recording made available courtesy of the Billy Graham Center Archives.

Billy Graham’s plenary address at the first International Congress on World Evangelization held in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1974, entitled ‘Why Lausanne?’. Dr Graham is introduced by Bishop Jack Dain.  [67 minutes]

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To help guide you through this core resource, we have provided an outline below.

Audio Outline
(00:00) Introduction by Bishop Jack Dain
(01:42) Introductory remarks by Billy Graham
(07:12) The state of the world and missions in 1974
(17:44) The four foundations of the Congress:
(18:06) #1: The longstanding tradition of gatherings such as these
(27:56) #2: The unity across generational, socioeconomic, and cultural divides
(31:46) #3: The commitment to biblical principles and values, including evangelism
(50:22) #4: Reflections and strategies on the evangelization of the world
(56:29) Graham’s four hopes for the Congress
(59:19) The need for prayer and the Holy Spirit