Reaching the Disabled in India – Avitha Daniel

Steve Bundy interviews Avitha Daniel from India about reaching out in ministry to the disabled.

This presentation was part of the multiplex ‘Disability Ministry’ at Cape Town 2010. View all presentations from this multiplex.

Date: 19 Oct 2010

Grouping: Session Videos

Gathering: 2010 Cape Town

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One comment on “Reaching the Disabled in India – Avitha Daniel
  1. Regina Johnson says:

    The fact that someone would say they wished their child was dead breaks my heart. The fact that a person would say this in front of that child makes it even worse. When talking about global missions, people often wonder how they can reach out to those that may be unresponsive to their message. Many non-Christians may be happy with their life and with the religion they were raised in. However, in places like India
    where the Hindu religion gives people the name of “untouchables” and teaches that karma is the reason a person is born disfigured, people are desperate for good news. These people are searching for help and a sense of belonging, yet mission initiative in this area is lacking. I agree with Avitha that the church should reach out to this population. The need is desperate.

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