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Connect Your Local Church with God’s Global Mission

Hundreds of churches participated in the launch of Global Mission Sunday on 16 November 2014. The toolkit resources will continue to be available for churches and groups to use to celebrate Global Mission Sunday at any time. If your church wasn’t able to participate on 16 November, we encourage you to participate on a future Sunday. Simply sign up your church below for immediate access the resources.

We invite you and your congregation to join with churches around the world to participate in Global Mission Sunday.

Global Mission Sunday is a way to connect your local church with God’s mission and introduce missional challenges and opportunities facing the global church today.

Participating churches will receive access to a free online toolkit with resources and ideas to incorporate into a Sunday worship service or adult Sunday school class. Your church can choose the resources that best fit your service and time available. We hope that participating in Global Mission Sunday will deepen your congregation’s awareness of and response to the momentous changes taking place in mission and ministry around the world.

We have initiated Global Mission Sunday in 2014 to mark the 40th anniversary of the Lausanne Movement. In the four decades since the first International Congress on World Evangelization in Lausanne, Switzerland, the Lausanne Movement has connected thousands of individuals passionately committed to making Christ known, leading to hundreds of networks, ministries, and partnerships.

Connect your church with God’s mission on Global Mission Sunday. May God bless your church and churches across the world as we work together to make Christ known.

Sign Up Your Church to Participate and Receive the Free Resource Toolkit


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