During CONECAR 2011 we had a Lausanne briefing over lunch on October 19. There were over 30 persons present representing 10 of the 31 Caribbean Countries. They were very excited about the proposal for a Pan-Caribbean EVANGELISTIC MISSION, to join hands, hearts, and voices in a new evangelistic thrust in our region. From Belize to the Bahamas to the Guyanas- THE CARIBBEAN TRIANGLE, the cry seems to be ‘every nation in the Caribbean for Christ’.  The Lord seems to be providing us with a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate Caribbean unity through the Gospel.  This is an unprecedented opportunity.

We heard repeatedly at CONECAR 2011, the church must lead the way. This seems to be the Isaiah Moment.   We were reminded that in Isa. 6:1, Isaiah said, “In the year that King Uzziah died I saw the Lord seated on a throne’. To strengthen the EAC (Evangelical Association of the Caribbean), this Pan-Caribbean EVANGELISTIC MISSION will work in cooperati on with the National Evangelical Alliance in every country and will seek to involve every church and para-church organization in the region. Obviously, this will require a great deal of planning, prayer, and cooperation.

Some of those present at the lunch meeting have kindly offered to be coordinators or contact persons in their countries. Subject to the approval of the EAC Board, here’s what they would initially be expected to do:

  1. Work through and alongside their National Evangelical Council
  2. Liaise with the Caribbean Project Coordinator, Evangelist Errol Rattray – [email protected]; [email protected]
  3. Help to mobilize local pastors, church leaders, mission organizations, Bible Schools, and persons interested in Evangelism and Mission
  4. Form a local steering committee to guide the in-country project
  5. Facilitate opportunities for evangelism and discipleship training
  6. Do the work of an evangelist

We look forward to a great Caribbean partnership in the Gospel as we work together for glory of God and His Kingdom reigning in our region of the world.


Las Newman

Las Newman is the International Deputy Director for Caribbean.

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