The Lausanne Movement reaches missions-minded leaders in nearly every country of the world. Founded by Billy Graham and John Stott in 1974, our trusted movement seeks to accelerate global mission through our commitment to God’s Word, our collaborative nature, our prophetic yet welcoming call, our curated insights, and our shared, truly global platform.

From The Lausanne Covenant to LOPs (Lausanne Occasional Papers), Lausanne Global Analysis to timely articles written in advance of global congresses, the written word has always been a prominent pillar of our Movement. Today our expanding online blog and article content adds to the tradition by nurturing such conversations daily, inspiring influencers on every continent and platforming voices that may otherwise not be heard.

Our Audience

Our audience encompasses young adults through seniors from many cultural backgrounds and many vocations, professions, and leadership levels. Though diverse, our primary audience shares two things in common: a passion to see the nations glorify God, and the current or potential leadership abilities to influence others for Christ.

Some of the most common demographics of our primary audience are:

  • Leaders of organizations, educational institutions, and denominations
  • Church planters, missionaries, and pastors
  • Lay leaders and missions-minded believers

Guidelines for Written Materials

We publish both short (400-800 words) and long (800-1600 words) blogs on a variety of topics related to missions. Some of the most common themes we publish on are:

  • Collaboration, friendship, and partnership
  • Leadership, especially in global mission
  • Prayer and mobilization
  • Topics related to our issue networks
  • Intergenerational stories and insights
  • Current missional opportunities or events

We also publish book excerpts from forthcoming or recently published titles, especially for Lausanne-affiliated leaders. We are currently not publishing fiction, poetry, Bible studies, or sermons.

Tips for Writing

  • Use stories, examples, and numbers to support your article.
  • The overall tone should be warm and professional; easy to read, insightful, and well-informed.
  • A person engaging with your content should come away feeling hopeful, connected, and significant.
  • Bullet points, numbered lists, and subheadings are helpful where appropriate.

Editing and Rights

The Lausanne Movement reserves the right:

  • To make editorial changes, including spelling, punctuation, length, logic, flow, adherence to style, factual accuracy, and grace of expression, while seeking to preserve the author’s voice and the integrity of the original manuscript as much as possible.
  • To translate the article into languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Korean.
  • To contact you and request a rewrite if radical changes are needed.
  • To promote the article via social media and email campaigns.
  • To allow our partner media outlets to republish the article when appropriate.
  • To reject any manuscript, after careful consideration.

Guidelines for Videos

Currently this opportunity is only available to Lausanne leaders. Videos will be featured on either our website or social media platforms. We are seeking the following:

  • Pray with Us: a 2-4 minute video that articulates a current missional concern, with a short prayer at the end
  • Short Stories or Ideas: 2-4 minute videos centering on one shareable idea or a compelling story.

We are open to other suggestions as well.

Tips for the Speaker

  • If using your phone to record, please be sure to do the video in landscape orientation as this gives the best video result.
  • Make sure your background is not distracting. The simpler the better.
  • Speak from the heart and as if you are speaking directly to the one person watching, and at a natural pace.


  • Please submit article and video pitches and drafts to [email protected] Include an author bio of 2-3 sentences (including up to two internet links for websites, books, blogs, and/or social media accounts) and a digital head shot if possible.
  • Please do not submit articles that have been published by other publications, including personal blogs. All articles and photos must be exclusive to the Lausanne Movement, with original content, unless otherwise arranged (such as in the case of book excerpts).
  • Our response time will typically be between 2-4 weeks. If you have not heard from us after this time, you may assume that we have decided not to move forward with your piece.
  • We are currently not providing payment for articles that are accepted for publication.