Participant Selection Criteria and Information

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An important aspect of the Lausanne 4 gatherings is the prayerful, open, and rigorous participant nomination and selection process. This process exists to ensure that the right people come together for each gathering and appropriately reflect the rich diversity of the global church—across the regions of the world, across generations, and across spheres of influence.

The 2023 Lausanne 4 regional gatherings may have nuanced participant selection criteria due to unique regional considerations and the varied sizes of each gathering. Nevertheless, all Lausanne 4 gatherings remain broadly aligned to the same participant selection criteria used for the Seoul 2024 Congress.

All nominated participants should meet the following criteria:

  • Active and vibrant spiritual life with a passionate commitment to God’s global mission.
  • Exemplary character, respected in their sphere of influence and recognized in their community.
  • A broad and expanding sphere of influence for Christ beyond their primary place of work or ministry.
  • A kingdom mindset of cooperative ministry and a readiness to engage in collaborative action.
  • Affirmation of The Lausanne Covenant and agreement with The Manila Manifesto and The Cape Town Commitment.
  • A commitment to fully engage with the programme of the gathering—before, during, and after the physical event dates.

When making a nomination, please also consider the following aspects:

Diversity. Participants will be selected from a diversity of fields, including church and parachurch ministry, government, politics, education, military/law enforcement, healthcare, business and commerce, industry, private enterprise, the arts, media, sports, entertainment, science, technology, hospitality, mission organisations, and humanitarian NGOs.

Age. Participants will be selected from across generations. Nominations of emerging leaders who are under 40 years old are highly encouraged.

Gender. Nominations of both men and women are highly encouraged.

The Seoul 2024 Congress seeks to bring together around 5,000 globally representative participants from every region of the world. Of these participants we hope to have 25 percent younger or emerging leaders under 40 years old, 40 percent women, and 40 percent from secular workplaces (those who do not receive their primary income from a church or ministry organisation).

Should you have any questions about the participant selection process, please send an email to [email protected].