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Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions about the Seoul 2024 Congress and Lausanne 4 gatherings.

Seoul 2024 Congress


Why should I attend? 

You have been chosen to represent your country, demographic and missional interest at this significant gathering of 5,000 in-person participants and more than 5,000 virtual participants from every region of the world. Your participation will shape the outcomes of the Seoul 2024 Congress and help strategically accelerate global mission. For a more detailed explanation, please read this article

When is my RSVP due? 

Please ensure your RSVP is submitted by 29 September 2023.

Can I transfer my invitation to someone else if I am unable to attend?

No, you cannot transfer your invitation. Each participant has been selected based on certain criteria to accurately represent the global church. Your participation is key to ensuring that the right people are gathered together and that the congress accurately reflects the rich diversity of the global church.

Can I change from attending virtually to onsite later? Vice versa?

Due to the limited capacity of the congress and the preparation involved in organising the gathering, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to change your attendance from virtual to onsite after registration. Please bear this in mind when selecting your option to attend.


Why is there a dynamic participation fee? Will some people be asked to contribute more than others?

All participants in the Seoul 2024 Congress will be asked to pay a participation fee. Considering the wide range of demographics that will be invited to attend the congress, we have set a scaled dynamic participation contribution for each participant. It is our intention and hope that by having a dynamic fee the global church will fund the congress together without it being prohibitive for any selected person to participate (1 Corinthians 12:21-26). For more information, please watch this helpful video from our senior leadership. 

How is the dynamic participation fee scaled for participants?

We are aware that the cost of participation in this gathering poses varying degrees of challenge for each participant based on a number of factors including location, economic circumstances, and field of work. Participants will be asked to complete a questionnaire that will indicate what contribution is appropriate, while seeking to avoid placing an unbearable financial burden on any individual.

When is my dynamic participation contribution questionnaire due? 

Please ensure you have completed and submitted the questionnaire by 29 September 2023.

Where do I find the questionnaire?

The questionnaire is accessed through a link you will have received on your invitation email.

When will I know what my participation fee will be? 

After completing the participation contribution questionnaire you received on invite, you will receive the participation fee amount on 16 October 2023.

How do I confirm my registration after I receive my dynamic participation fee? 

By paying your deposit by 16 November 2023, you will confirm your registration for the Seoul 2024 Congress. 

Where and how do I make the payment?
After completing the participant contribution questionnaire you will be sent an invoice for payment on 16 October 2023. Paying the deposit online by 16 November 2023 will finalise your registration. Your USD 100 deposit will be non-refundable.

Will the deposit be additional to my participant fee or included in the fee?
The deposit is included in the participant fee.

What does my participation fee include and what other costs will I be responsible for in relation to attending the Seoul 2024 Congress?

Your participation fee includes entrance to the congress, materials, ground transportation in Seoul, and meals for the duration of the Seoul 2024 Congress. All other expenses will be for your own account.

Will there be financial aid or assistance?

Unfortunately we are not able to provide sponsorships as the fee is already subsidised. Lausanne will provide fundraising tools and materials for you to use in raising support specifically for the congress.

What are the refund policies for payments in regard to the Seoul 2024 Congress?

  • The deposit of USD 100 is non-refundable.
  • All except USD 200 of the participation fee (already paid) will be refundable if cancelled in writing by 31 July 2024. 
  • If cancelled after 31 July 31 2024, only 50 percent of the participation fee (already paid) will be refunded. 
  • If a person has been refused a visa to attend the congress, Lausanne will refund 100 percent of the participant fee that has been paid. Proof of visa refusal will be required. Please only book flights, accommodation, and other expenses once your visa has been approved as Lausanne will not take any responsibility for those costs being refunded.
  • All cancellations and refund requests must be made in writing to [email protected].


How do I receive a visa invitation letter? 

Once you have paid your deposit and your registration has been confirmed for the Seoul 2024 Congress, our registration team will contact you to help with the visa process. 

What if I cannot get a visa or my visa is denied?

Should you be registered for onsite participation and your visa is denied, an opportunity to participate virtually will be made available. 

Are there hotels or accommodation in Seoul that will be dedicated for participants? Will a list of accommodation options be made available?

Lausanne will supply a list of accommodation recommendations suited to a range of budgets and needs.

Can I invite my spouse or any family members to attend the congress with me?

Unfortunately you will not be permitted to invite anyone else to attend the congress.

When should I book my hotel and what accommodation options are available?

The hotel booking page will be available in mid-October. There will be several different hotel options available at varying prices, both in Songdo and in the surrounding areas. If you choose a listed hotel outside of walking distance to the Songdo Convensia, shuttle services will be provided to you at designated times each day. 

When should I book my airfare?

As prices of flights increase, we would recommend that you purchase your flight no later than June 2024. If you are coming from a country that requires a visa or special invitation letter, please be aware of the embassy or consulate timeline and plan accordingly. This will likely require you to submit a request to our Registrar for a letter of invite and submit your paperwork to your local embassy no later than 9 months from the start of the gathering. Again, it will be your responsibility to know your embassy’s timeline as every embassy varies in their process.

Will there be a shuttle service provided and what will it offer?

Yes, we will have shuttles both to and from the airport on specific days to all of our listed hotels and will also have shuttles at designated times each day for those hotels not within walking distance to the Songdo Convensia. Please note that the shuttle service will only be available for the listed hotels that we use; should you book another hotel or an Airbnb that is not listed by us, you will need to make your own arrangements. 

What languages will be supported? 

We will support English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Korean, Russian, and Chinese. Additional languages may be added where needed and practically possible. 

Seoul Virtual 

I am interested in attending Seoul Virtual. How will virtual participants experience the congress? 

Selected Seoul Virtual participants will engage the Seoul 2024 programme directly with a curated cohort for personal interaction and added flexibility in attending the congress. Find out more about Seoul Virtual. Participants in the Seoul Virtual cohort experience must be nominated and selected. Participants in the Seoul Virtual cohort experience will participate in the one-year pre-congress programme experience launching mid-October.

Are nominations for Seoul Virtual still open? 

Nominations for Seoul Virtual are still open. Please nominate people who meet the participant selection criteria as soon as possible. 


When will details of the programme be made available and what can I expect in the programme? 

The programme will include daily Scripture engagement, table group discussions, morning plenary sessions, opportunities to network, corporate prayer, worship, and storytelling. Further details of the programme will be made available closer to the time.

Will there be a pre-congress programme in preparation for the congress?

All participants will be expected to engage in our pre-congress programme as they prepare for the congress. This will be an opportunity to meet other participants, engage in exclusive content, materials, and devotions, and overall be well prepared to participate in Seoul 2024 on arrival. The pre-congress programme will begin in mid-October 2023. 

When does the congress start and end (what time)?

The congress will begin in the afternoon of 22 September 2024 and end in the afternoon of 28 September 2024. More specific times will be made available to registered participants closer to the time. 

Note: Should you have questions that are not answered here, please send an email to [email protected].


Lausanne 4 Gatherings

Can you attend a Lausanne 4 gathering without being nominated?

Nomination is the first step to being considered for participation in the Lausanne 4 gatherings. You cannot begin the application process without first being nominated.

Can you nominate yourself?

No, a nomination must come from a Christian leader or influencer other than yourself. Nominators must read the selection criteria before nominating a prospective candidate.

Who is allowed to make a nomination?

Any Christian leader is allowed to nominate a prospective participant, provided that the candidate meets the selection criteria.

How many people can I nominate?

There is no limit on how many nominations one person can make. You may nominate as many people as you would like. Please ensure that every person you nominate is prayerfully considered and meets the selection criteria.

Why this process?

An important aspect of the Lausanne 4 gatherings is the prayerful, open, and rigorous participant nomination and selection process. This process exists to ensure that the right people come together for each gathering and appropriately reflect the rich diversity of the global church – across the regions of the world, across generations, and across spheres of influence.

When do nominations open and close?

Nominations for Lausanne 4 gatherings closed on 30 April 2023.

When do applications close?

Applications closed on 28 July 2023.

How are participants selected?

For regional gatherings in 2023, regional leaders will use the information provided to them to perform their selections of participants for the 2023 regional gatherings.

For the Seoul 2024 Congress, the Global Selection Committee will receive all relevant information of screened applicants. The committee will make the final selection decisions for the Seoul 2024 Congress, taking the demographic and global geographic selection goals into account.

Must you meet all the selection criteria in order to be considered?

Participants must meet the selection criteria in order to be considered for selection to attend the Congress. Seoul 2024 is looking for participants who represent the diversity of the global church, including age and gender. With this in mind, nomination and application to the Congress does not guarantee attendance.

What are the costs involved?

Participants will need to cover their participation fee, as well as their travel and accommodation expenses. The participation fee will be communicated ahead of the registration phase.

Fundraising resources will be made available to invited participants to equip them with ideas and tools to assist in the raising of the finances needed to participate in Lausanne 4 gatherings.

What is the expected time commitment?

In order to maximise engagement in the Congress, participants will be invited to join a pre-congress programme that will include a variety of content, opportunities for collaboration, spiritual development activities, and online events. The pre-congress programme is expected to begin in October 2023 and participants will be invited to set aside approximately 4-8 hours per month to fully engage in the pre-congress programme. Additionally, participants should prepare to be available for the full duration of the Congress on 22–28 September 2024.

Note: Should you have questions that are not answered here, please send an email to [email protected].