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My first engagements with Lausanne were through the clarion call of ‘the whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole world’, a phrase popularized by Phoebe Kigira, who served as the Lausanne Coordinator for Kenya in the 90s. My participation in Amsterdam 2000, Cape Town 2010, and other Lausanne-related initiatives such as Movement Day have made me appreciate the worldwide reach and role of Lausanne in galvanizing the entire globe to fulfill the Great Commission. The Movement’s placement at the centre of global mission is seen in the time-tested statement of faith, The Lausanne Covenant, which has been adopted by many ministries around the world, including the ministry I serve (African Enterprise); in the Movement’s wide reach—globally and to the various expressions of the church; and in The Cape Town Commitment and related catalytic networks that have formed around current global issues. It is possible that no other single movement in church history has impacted its generation more than Lausanne has.

The EPSA (English, Portuguese, and Spanish-speaking Africa) Lausanne region is part of a church that is active in many ways, but one that also presents many challenges. False teachings that have sought to ‘peddle’ the good news undermine the huge growth that is concurrently being experienced. A vast youth demographic, with 18 being the average age of the African population, the many number of remaining unreached people groups, and booming megacities increasing in number from south to north Africa are also pending challenges. Given the great number of people migrating to the north as well as the Arab Spring, the north African challenge is also a reality ever before us, one that a number of ministries are working together to resolve under a Go North banner dubbed S2NAP (South to North African Partnership).

I appreciate the many efforts from different quarters across the continent that are seeking to address these varied challenges. Through this EPSA regional umbrella I see us being able to consolidate all these varied initiatives, and in so doing, multiplying the impact of one through the unity of many. My call to all of us is that we may keep our unity by sharing information and committing to joint ventures to further the cause of evangelism in our region. Together we can!

It is an honor, privilege, and welcome challenge to serve you and with you in our EPSA region.

Stephen Mbogo
Regional Director for EPSA

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