Ministries need funds to reach people with the gospel. Mobilizing financial resources and developing organizational capacity for global mission within the broader framework of Christian stewardship, generosity, and giving are therefore important themes in the global Christian community.

The Lausanne/WEA Global Generosity Network (GGN) developed since 2007 as a catalyst to encourage Christians to live generously and give more to global mission work. Working closely with Rob Martin, Catalyst for the Lausanne Ministry Fundraising issue network, the following are highlights since Cape Town 2010:

  • A generosity leadership group consisting of 65 leaders from 26 countries
  • A global generosity consultation in February 2011
  • Consultations, seminars, and workshops in various regions and countries
  • Resource mobilization training on fundraising, leadership, and organizational capacity
  • Compiling and distributing a Generosity Resources List and Generosity Resources CD
  • Generosity resources updates
  • Articles including a generosity edition of the Evangelical Review of Theology
  • Drafting and distributing a Generosity Declaration
  • Encouraging resource mobilization initiatives such as the Youth Ministry Support Fund

We hope to build on the achievements of the past four years to:

  • Establish a Centre for Global Christian Stewardship as a global resource mobilization hub
  • Develop a network of resource mobilization coaches and trainers
  • Consultations and training in each of the Lausanne regions
  • Encourage the signing of the Generosity Declaration and possible Generosity Pledge
  • Facilitate better relationships between givers and ministries through the use of the Lausanne Standards
  • Incubate, promote, and support resource mobilization initiatives

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