The Lausanne Covenant defines evangelization as ‘the whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole world’. The biblical theme of shalom encompasses the ideas of freedom and justice and is an integral part of the ‘whole’ gospel as foretold in the Old Testament and embraced by Jesus in the New Testament. The Freedom and Justice issue network seeks to connect organizations and individuals passionate about God’s heart for justice, and his preferential option for the poor. Together we want to work together to build God’s upside-down kingdom.

Let us rise up as the Church worldwide to fight the evil of human trafficking, and to speak and act prophetically to ‘set the prisoners free’. This must include addressing the social, economic and political factors that feed the trade. The world’s slaves call out to the global Church of Christ, ‘Free our children. Free our women. Be our voice. Show us the new society that Jesus promised.’ The Cape Town Commitment II-B-3, I-7-C

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