Michael El Daba

Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa


Michael El Daba currently works at CEOSS, a 60-Year-old NGO that has extensive development and dialogue work in Egypt with highly recognized impact. His role as Funding and International Relations Manager has been the route of bridging his business experience to Civil and Development work. His  vision is to upgrade the way NGOs perform to match multinational standards to increase their reach, resources and impact. He is confident that NGOs are key to making considerable changes in our society, being an example and role module they can envision others to look at their communities in terms of needs, support opportunities, true value and possible solutions. Also building networks with other NGOs that can provide the critical mass needed to influence policy and law makers to account for the marginalized and the different sectors of the communities in Egypt.

Michael’s engineering education, topped with professional diplomas and courses in Economics, Contracts, Investment, Portfolio management, Corporate valuation and Finance have highly upgraded his performance level and knowledge. His work experience and industry diversity whether in Construction, Oil & Gas, Mining and Mergers & Acquisitions have helped create a mixture of qualities that would help surpass many of the different work challenges of today. Dealings with high caliber individuals including, high net worth investors, senior analysts, managing directors, ministers, business development directors, project managers, bankers and many others have given Michael a deeper understanding of professional business dealing and appreciation to work/performance quality.