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Lausanne Global Classroom: Integrity and Anti-Corruption

Episode Overview

This Classroom episode is on Integrity and Anti-Corruption.This episode of the Lausanne Global Classroom examines the issue of integrity and anti-corruption among leaders in politics, business, government, and the church. The call to personal integrity is about bringing the whole of life into alignment with the person, the teaching, and the example of Jesus Christ. Jesus is Lord of all. There is no sector of society, no corner of creation, no aspect of personal life that Christ does not claim as his: finances, business, sexuality, motives, etc. Integrity is about wholeness on the personal level. The Cape Town Commitment (see sections II-E-4, II-E-1) calls Christians to strive for a culture of full integrity and transparency. As we live for Christ, we must choose to walk in the light and truth of God. The church must ensure that it does not through hypocrisy and lack of integrity undermine or undo all that is being done to bear witness to the good news of Jesus throughout the world. Learn more about Lausanne Global Classroom

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Episode Outline

  1. Integrity for the Sake of the Gospel
  2. Defining Integrity and Corruption
  3. What Does the Bible Say About Integrity?
  4. The Relationship Between Corruption and Poverty
  5. The Cost and Rewards of Integrity
  6. The Challenge of Tackling Corruption Head On
  7. Integrity and Christian Witness
  8. Christian Leaders, Live with Integrity
  9. Calling the Church to Integrity

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