Public Reading of Scripture Call March

8 Mar 2022 Online

In our increasingly interconnected world, God is uniting the church like never before through kingdom collaboration—streamlining efforts, maximising kingdom resources, and bringing diverse groups together to solve complex problems. We would like to invite you to join us for the next Public Reading of Scripture (PRS) call focused on conflict resolution, a key component of collaboration.

This call will be co-hosted by the Lausanne Ministry Collaboration Network, the Theology of Work Project, and the Lausanne Workplace Ministry Network. During the call, we will listen to readings and have an open discussion time to hear how the Scriptures and teaching on the call resonate with our global sisters and brothers.

We are offering the call at two different times for your convenience.

Public Reading of Scripture: Conflict Resolution

8 March 2022 09.00 EDT / 14.00 GMT

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8 March 2022 21.00 EDT / 02.00 GMT (9 March)

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