Learning to Love Like Jesus in a Post-Modern World: Engaging Gender and Sexuality with Grace

21 Jun 2024 Online

As we minister to our post-modern society, we will increasingly find that more and more people have alternative views and practice when it comes to sexuality and gender. Join this webinar hosted by the Lausanne Jewish Evangelism Network, where we will learn to see past the media sensationalism and our own insecurities as we meet people and love them like Jesus

Time: 14:00 CET |12:00 UTC | Date: Jun 21, 2024

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But what does loving people like Jesus look like practically? 

In this workshop, we will look at some real-life examples from the ministry of Jews for Jesus, who are reaching out to Israelis and others in Berlin. We need to understand the mentality of these alternative communities, and identify what their felt and unfelt needs are, before exploring together how we can effectively present the gospel to them. If you want more information, please write to Aaron Lewin.