Today the average global Christian is not a white male in the West, but a woman in the slums of the East. Are we as the church ready to engage in the facts of our time? Early believers in Antioch perhaps struggled with a similar question as Christianity shifted from Jerusalem to Antioch, from Jews to Gentiles. The compelling ministry of the late Paul Joshua continues through this video, as he weaves the story of Antioch with the story of our world today to empower the church to be what God designed it to be: his cosmic showpiece.

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  • 00:00 Introduction to Acts
  • 04:06 Martyrdom Multiplies the Church
  • 09:57 The Gospel Boom in India
  • 14:13 The Countercultural Church, Then and Now
  • 21:24 A Public Truth: ‘Jesus is Lord’
  • 26:34 The Antiochan Model for Today


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