A Call to Seasoned Ministry Leaders

In July 2012, 120 select younger leaders from the U.S. and Canada gathered in Madison, Wisconsin, for the North American Younger Leaders Consultation (NAYLG) to strategize on fresh approaches to sharing the Christian message. The 120 leaders spent much of their time in working groups and focusing on issues such as: Ministry in the Workplace, Developing Christ-Centered Leaders, Discipleship, Reaching Cities, Truth in the Arts/Media, Unreached People Groups, and more. Each of the ten working groups, comprised of 12-15 participants, included leaders from diverse backgrounds ethnically, geographically, and culturally. Participants came from numerous sectors of society—business, law, arts/media, education, church leadership, communications, and more.

In addition to the creation of new networks and partnerships, one outcome of the gathering was a letter entitled “A Call to Seasoned Ministry Leaders,” which emerged from the Developing Christ-Centered Leaders group. This year-long project is designed to encourage experienced senior leaders to come alongside younger leaders in mentoring and partnering.

“North American younger leaders have spoken, and it’s my hope that seasoned ministry leaders will accept this warm invitation to engage in mentoring,” said Tom Lin, North American International Deputy Director for Lausanne and InterVarsity’s Vice President of Missions. “As a younger leader myself who has experienced isolation as a senior organizational leader, I’m thrilled at the potential of this next generation of North American leaders in mission. The Lausanne Movement counts it a privilege to continue supporting and equipping these leaders.”

Below is a link to the letter, written by the Developing Christ-Centered Leaders group on behalf of those present at the NAYLG. We pray it will reach the ears and hearts of our seasoned ministry leaders and develop in them a deep longing to come alongside this next generation of leadership.

Read The Call to Seasoned Ministry Leaders and join the conversation