Resources for Racial Justice and Reconciliation

Lausanne Movement | 10 Jun 2020

At the Lausanne Movement, our hearts have been breaking as we’re witnessing the events leading up to and following the tragic death of George Floyd. At this time the world has again been forced to consider the difficult and important topics of racial justice and reconciliation. As a global movement we have spent time considering how best we can respond.

Our hope is that the reflections and resources made available on this page will serve as a helpful reminder of the biblical truth of human dignity and call the church to maintain a credible gospel witness that evidences the ministry of reconciliation that Christ has called us to.

Systemic Injustice and the Gospel of Hope
A Response from the Lausanne Theology Working Group

Christ’s Peace in Ethnic Conflict
A Reflection on The Cape Town Commitment from Michael Oh

Resources from Lausanne Leaders

Lausanne leaders from across the world are responding to this topic, producing helpful resources and sharing valuable insights from their unique perspectives. More of these will be added here as they become available.

Related Missional Content

We are grateful to have a number of missional resources from across the Movement that we can learn from. The most relevant of these resources have been curated for you as we as the body of Christ seek to faithfully bear witness to the gospel at this time.