Greetings from East Asia! Our region includes mainland China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mongolia, and Macau, with a total population of 1.7 billion people, of which 9% are Christians. Atheistic communism, Buddhism, and traditional Confucius culture and religions are the dominant worldviews, with the recent rise of influences like globalization, urbanization, technology, materialism, and secularization.

We thank God for the growth of the church, the economic prosperity that has brought our region out of extreme poverty, and the relative peace we have experienced since World War II and the Korean War.

Some of our challenges ahead include:

  • The Hong Kong protests against the government
  • A growing secularized post-Christian culture in South Korea, which has the highest suicide rate among developed countries
  • Japan, the largest unreached country in the world, where less than 1% are Christian
  • North Korea, the final frontier in missions, with the harshest suffering of Christians
  • The persecution of Christians in China, where those in both the official Three-Self Church as well as unregistered house churches are currently undergoing the greatest persecution since the Cultural Revolution

God is at work amidst our challenges. With a maturing church, stronger spirituality from persecution, financial resources, and global access, the church in East Asia is in the process of launching its own missionary movement to bring the gospel to unreached areas of the world. We praise God that the church in China continues to grow amidst persecution, even launching a mission-sending movement with a goal to send 20,000 missionaries by 2030. Mongolia, with no Christians 30 years ago, has now become the fastest-growing church with over 40,000 believers. Christianity in Taiwan continues to steadily grow, doubling in the last decade to now 1.5 million Christians representing 7% of the population.

Are you interested in joining us in what God is doing in East Asia? Begin by exploring the resources linked on this page to learn more about our region. You can also find information about upcoming regional gatherings. If you have any questions, please reach out through the contact form.

David Ro
Regional Director for East Asia

David RoRegional Director for East Asia

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