Welcome from the Caribbean!

As part of the Lausanne Movement, we are happy to share our experiences and stories of how and where God is on the move in our region of the world. The Caribbean is a very vibrant, colourful, and dynamic place.  It is a distinct and fascinating sub-region of the Americas. And everywhere, from Belize to the Bahamas, from Jamaica to the Guyanas, and all the French, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, and English territories in between, there are wonderful stories of God at work bringing about the transformation he desires through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Caribbean church is alive and well and fully engaged in the mission of God in our part of the world.

Through the rich and varied voices of the Caribbean peoples we hope these pages will be informative, inspiring, and enriching to your life and ministry. Send us your feedback and comments as we share in this movement of God together.

Welcome again!


Las G. Newman, PhD
Lausanne Regional Director for the Caribbean


Las NewmanGlobal Associate Director for Regions
Regional Director for the Caribbean

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