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This century is widely known as ‘the Bio-tech Century’, with advances in all the emerging technologies (bio, info/digital, nano, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and robotics). This has deep implications for the Church and for mission, particularly in relation to the biblical truth of what it means to be human. The Cape Town Commitment II-A-6

We live in an era wherein the greatest scientist in history, Albert Einstein said, ‘It is appallingly obvious our technology has exceeded our humanity’. The church is often viewed as archaic and irrelevant, despite its tremendous humanitarian and socioeconomic achievements and contributions. There is a lack of knowledge of technological advances that could be leveraged to increase ministry effectiveness. The Lausanne Technology issue networks exists to address this gap within the global church. It brings thought leadership to how we view, create, and adopt technology for furthering global mission.

The objectives of the Lausanne Technology issue network are to:

  • Identify opportunities and threats of new technologies that could impact global mission.
  • Issue papers to guide missions in specific areas of opportunity or concern as it relates to the adoption of technology.
  • Drive development opportunities for businesses to generate intelligence and open new doors for evangelism.
  • Drive technology partnerships among mission organizations and between missions and businesses for mutual benefit.

The following are some examples of the strategic action of our network:

  • Workshop ‘How Technology can Supercharge Your Partnerships’ at Christian Leadership Alliance National Conference, 2013
  • Seminar ‘Technology Outsourcing’ at Missio Nexus Webinar Series, October 2013
  • Webinar ‘Contracting for Technology Solutions’ at Evangelical Press Association Convention, 2013
  • Meeting of key Christian technologists in the Silicon Valley at the Technology Innovation Summit hosted by MacLellan Foundation and Crowell Trust in November 2013
  • Presenting workshop ‘Contracting for Technical Solutions’ at The Outcomes Conference, CLA Dallas 2015

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