North America

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North America is a continent rich in diversity of climates, habitats, food, music, culture and people. While this region has historically led the charge on mission in the world, today churches in North America are facing a number of challenges, both externally and internally. As the culture shifts and secular and post-Christian worldviews become more and more prominent, the church’s witness needs to be lifted high so that people will be drawn to a God who loves beyond measure.

Despite witnessing the shift in the centre of Christianity to the majority world, the church in North America is excited for how God will orchestrate the next decade and beyond. By working together, the North American church aims to see the good news proclaimed to every person, an evangelistic church for every people, Christ-like leaders for every church, and kingdom impact in every sphere of society. In the spirit of Lausanne, this region is committed to the work of reaching North America, and partnering with others in Lausanne International to reach and serve the world.

Welcome from Our Regional Directors

Pray for our work in North America

Wisdom and unity


Pray for wisdom and unity within the North American church as we navigate an increasingly post-Christian and liberal culture.

Strategically reach the nations


Pray that we would be strategic in reaching the nations through the many diaspora communities and migrants on our doorstep.

We would be sanctified in truth


Pray that we would be sanctified in truth. Your word is truth.

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