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Lausanne Global Classroom: Mental Health and Trauma

Episode Overview

This Classroom episode is on Mental Health and Trauma. The global church is beginning to recognize that mental health and trauma issues must be a major ministry priority. Mental health problems are usually the result of a combination of many factors, including family environment, biology, personality, spirituality, and challenging community contexts. Traumatic events are also recognized as a major cause of mental health problems. The lack of attention to mental health and trauma both by the church and secular society has left thousands of people with mental health problems stigmatized or judged as spiritually deficient. Untreated mental illness can result in sexual and physical abuse, and neglect. Those with mental health problems have poorer health care, diminished human rights, and higher mortality. They comprise one of the largest mission fields for the church worldwide.

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Episode Outline

  1. Rediscovering the ‘Whole’ in ‘Holistic Mission’
  2. Defining Mental Health and Trauma for the Church
  3. Thriving and Flourishing in Our Relationship With God and Others
  4. What Does the Bible Say About Mental Health and Trauma?
  5. Identifying the Barriers to Mental Health
  6. Listening to Local Voices and Utilizing Indigenous Riches for Mental Health
  7. Calling the Church to Work Holistically and Support Resiliency
  8. Equipping Christians to Better Understand Mental Health Issues
  9. Living the Truth to Become an Effectively Caring Community
  10. Mental Health and Ministry
  11. Clinging to Hope and a Call to Action

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