GWF Participant Nomination Criteria

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The nomination process closed on 30 April 2018. However, details about the nomination process can still be found below.

An important feature of the 2019 Lausanne Global Workplace Forum is the rigorous and prayerful nomination and selection process. We want to ensure the right influencers can come together from all regions of the world, across generations, and across all 35 Lausanne issue networks.

Of the 500 to 1000 globally representative participants, at least half will be from secular workplaces (not those who receive their income from a church or ministry organisation), at least 30% will be women, and at least 30% will be younger leaders (ages 40 and below).

All nominated participants should meet the following criteria:

  • Active and vibrant spiritual life with a passionate commitment to evangelism and global witness
  • Exemplary character, respected in the workplace and recognized in the community
  • A broad and expanding sphere of influence for Christ beyond their primary workplace
  • A track record of service and achievement in the field of workplace witness
  • A kingdom mindset of cooperative ministry
  • A holistic integration of faith and work
  • Affirmation of The Lausanne Covenant and The Cape Town Commitment

Examples of participants’ possible spheres of work include (but are not limited to):

  • Christian workplace influencers who work among both ‘blue collar’ and ‘white collar’ professions with significant influence for Christ both in and beyond their primary workplace
  • Marketplace ministry leaders and influencers, involved in workplace networks as generators and curators of ideas on Christian witness in the workplace
  • Christian homemakers with broad spheres of missional influence through blogs and/or social media
  • Young workplace innovators (under age 40) across regions; these are young entrepreneurs who are creating new forms of work, redefining work, and pointing to the future of work
  • Christian policy makers in the public and private sectors, ie government, industry, and private enterprise
  • Christian labor leaders dealing with workplace issues as advocates, champions, and in dispute resolution
  • Theological educators and practitioners of Theology of Work (TOW) (eg leaders of Christian domestics in the Gulf)
  • College or university educators and academics with a special focus on equipping people for workplace or marketplace ministry
  • Christian artists, athletes, and those working in entertainment sectors with a passion for global mission and holistic integration of faith and work
  • Pastors / church leaders who have a vision for training and equipping all Christians for effective mission and witness in the workplace

This is a working gathering with engagement expected by participants before, during, and after the time in Manila.

Invited participants will be responsible for all travel expenses and a registration fee, although limited scholarship funding may be available for select majority-world participants. Details will be shared with the selected participants.