Be Kind to Your Soul: How to Prevent and Recover From Burnout

7 Dec 2022 Online

Too often, leadership goes hand-in-hand with burnout. On 7 December we held a webinar for key lessons and principles that can help you avoid burnout entirely, or recover from it quickly if you are already there.

As Christians, we are driven by a higher calling to see the name of Christ proclaimed and worshiped among all peoples, yet our passion and commitment to that cause, while rewarding, can lead to long hours and demanding workloads that are often self-imposed. This is complicated by the vast array of challenges that are inherent to our work contexts, as well as by things like prickly people, budget constraints, and unrealistic expectations. Sometimes we even deny or downplay our need for rest and relaxation.

In this webinar, participants heard the personal journey of the presenter into burnout, and how God brought him out of it to a new place of depth, stability, peace, joy, contentment, and fruitfulness.

Presenter: João Mordomo

Since meeting Christ at age 16, João’s driving passion has been to glorify God! He loves to start and lead anything—mission agencies, churches, businesses, networks—that helps fulfill the Great Commission. He is co-founder and vice chair of Crossover Global, a church planting organization that has planted over 3,300 churches among unreached peoples.

João is a founding board member and current co-chair of Business as Mission (BAM) Global, a global network that invigorates the business as mission movement by identifying and disseminating best BAM practices, gathering global BAM practitioners, and developing and sharing resources. He serves as Catalyst for Business as Mission at the Lausanne Movement and is a founding member of the Council for Business & Theology of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA).

Based in Curitiba, Brazil, he is married to Sophia, a personal trainer, and they have two adult children.