Manila 1989 Documents

20 Jul 1989

and Selected Official Papers

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The Manila Manifesto

The Manila Manifesto is an elaboration of The Lausanne Covenant fifteen years later. The participants in Lausanne II, the Second International Congress on World Evangelization, in Manila in the Philippines in July 1989 deliberated on the prospects for the fulfillment of the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The subject was looked at from every conceivable angle with an attempt to be true to the Holy Scriptures in the analysis. The results were summarized in The Manila Manifesto. Its second draft was submitted to all the participants. They made many comments and suggestions, which were carefully considered in the preparation of the final document. The following motion was then put to the whole Congress in plenary session: “We accept the Manila Manifesto as an expression, in general terms, of our concerns and commitments, and we commend it to ourselves, to churches and to Christian organizations for further study and response”. This motion passed by an overwhelming majority.

The Manila Manifesto is available in English and a number of other languages. See the translations menu for a full listing.

Selected Official Documents

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Foreword (Leighton Ford) (HTML page)

Introduction (Edward R. Dayton) (HTML page)

Opening Addresses

Message to the Congress (Corazon Aquino)

Welcoming Remarks (Jovito Salonga)

A Message to the Congress (Billy Graham)

Opening Address: “Proclaim Christ” Leighton Ford

The Challenge before Us (Luis Bush)

Looking Ahead (Floyd McClung)

Testimony (Edison Queiroz)

Testimony (Chris Marantika)

Testimony (Gus Marweigh)

I. The Whole Church

The Primacy of the Local Church I: Primacy of the Local Church in World Evangelization (Jong-Yun Lee)

The Primacy of the Local Church II: The Importance of the Local Church to World Evangelization (Eduardo M. Maling)

The Mandate of the Laity I: The Laity (Pete Hammond)
Testimony (Miltinne Yih)

The Mandate of the Laity II: A Theology of the Laity (Lee Yih)

The Mandate of the Laity III: Mandate of the Laity (Ford Madison)

The Power and Work of the Holy Spirit I: The Work of the Holy Spirit in Conviction and Conversion (J. I. Packer)

The Power and Work of the Holy Spirit II: A Passion for Fullness (Jack W. Hayford)

Living the Christ-Life I: Living Holy (Carmelo B. Terranova)

Living the Christ-Life II: Christian Community and World Evangelization (Roberta Hestenes)

Evangelism in Challenging Settings I: The Church in Challenging Situations (Lucien Accad)

Evangelism in Challenging Settings II: The Church That Loves (Brother Andrew)

Testimony (M. Y. Chan)

Testimony (Ali Sougou)

Testimony (Mikhail Savin)

Evangelism in Challenging Settings III: The Challenge of the Restricted-Access World (George Otis, Jr.)

II.A. The Whole Gospel

Good News for the Poor I (Edna Lee de Gutierrez)

Good News for the Poor II (Tom Houston)

Sin and Lostness (Stephen Tong)

Cross-Cultural Evangelism (Panya Baba)

The Challenge of Other Religions I (Colin Chapman)

The Challenge of Other Religions II (Martin Alphonse)

The Gospel and Salvation I (Tokunboh Adeyemo)

The Gospel and Salvation II (Peter Kuzmic)

Cooperation in Evangelism I (Bill O’Brien)

Cooperation in Evangelism II (Robyn Claydon)

II.B. The Whole Gospel: Bible Studies

Bible Studies on Romans 1-5 (John Stott)

Eagerness to Preach the Gospel
The World’s Guilt
Amazing Grace

Bible Studies on Romans 6-8 (Ajith Fernando)

The Christian and Sin
The Spirit-Filled Life

Bible Studies on Romans 9-15 (David Penman)

How Can They Hear?
Living Life Fully
Love in the End Times

III. The Whole World

Urban Evangelism (Ray Bakke)

The Impact of Modernization (Os Guinness)

Social Concern and Evangelism I (Vinay Samuel)

Social Concern and Evangelism II (Joni Eareckson Tada)

Social Concern and Evangelism I (Caesar Molebatsi)

The Uniqueness of Christ I (David F. Wells)

The Uniqueness of Christ II (Ulrich Parzany)

Testimony (Sue Perlman)

Communication and Evangelization I (Viggo Sogaard)

Communication and Evangelization II (Philemon Choi)

Sacrifice and Commitment I (Eva Burrows)

Sacrifice and Commitment II (Michael Cassidy)

Closing Addresses

Looking Back–Looking Forward (Grant McClung)

The Scope of the Task (Bill O’Brien)

Summary Statement (Luis Bush)

The Great Commission Decade (Thomas Wang)

Reflections (Rolf Scheffbuch)

“Fear Not” (Luis Palau)

LCWE’s Goals for the Future (Tom Houston)

“Until He Comes” (Leighton Ford)