ALCOE III Compendium Documents

05 Sep 2007

The following documents are from the ALCOE III Compendium, published in September 1998. Unless otherwise noted, these documents are in the Adobe PDF format, and require the free Adobe PDF Reader software to access.

  1. Preface
    General Coordinator, ALCWE
  2. ALCOE III Declaration (View as Webpage or View PDF Document)
  3. Third Asian Leadership Conference on Evangelism
    Press Release (View as Webpage or View PDF Document)
  4. Chairman’s Welcome Address
    Rev. Dr. Chongnahm Cho
  5. Introducing ALCOE III
    Dr. Saphir Athyal
  6. “Until All Asia Hears the Word of the Lord”
    Rev. Dr. Petrus Octavianus
  7. Partnership in Evangelism – I
    Rev. Ajith Fernando
  8. Way of Growth for our Church
    Rev. Caesar Condo
  9. Partnership in Evangelism – II
    Rev. Ajith Fernando
  10. Testimony
    Peter Gill
  11. Partnership in Evangelism – III
    Rev. Ajith Fernando
  12. The Roof Breakers
    Rev. Sundo Kim
  13. Partnership in Evangelism – IV
    Rev. Ajith Fernando
  14. Evangelisation by the Local Church
    Dr. Saphir Athyal
  15. Cooperation and Unity in Evangelisation
    Rev. Tom Houston
  16. Words of Consecration
    Rev. Viju Abraham