How has theological education adapted to the rise of global Christianity, the collapse of Western Christendom, and the rise of Majority World Christianity—and how can it continue to transform in order to best serve the church? Timothy Tennet, President of Asbury Theological Seminary, takes a dive into the past in order to cast a fiery vision for the future of theological education; one that is more globally astute, more culturally savvy, more theologically nuanced, and more missionally driven.

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    • 00:00 Introduction by Mark Chan
      02:40 The Twin Forces of Contemporary Christianity
      08:24 A Look Back to 1986: What’s Changed and What Hasn’t
      14:20 A More Nuanced Theological View in 1999
      19:00 Envisioning the Future: Four Changes We Must Make
      26:40 Conclusion: A Kairos, Not Chronos Moment

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