How did a persecuted movement that began with a small group of Jews become the most widespread movement in the world today? This sweeping cinematic overview first unveiled at Cape Town 2010 highlights milestone events from nearly 2,000 years of church history, beginning with the Pentecost and ending with the 1910 World Mission Conference in Edinburgh. Watch to gain context and depth to the faith we profess and the gospel we seek to proclaim.

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Watch the full video or jump to a specific section using these time indicators:

  • Part I
    00:00 Intro
    04:19 The Pentecost and Paul
    06:08 Revolt, Persecution, Heresy, and Creeds
    09:37 Constantine and the Fall of Rome
    12:10 Global Gospel Pockets and the Middle Ages
    15:33 Islam, Feudalism, and the Silk Road
  • Part II
    00:13 Boniface and Charlemagne, Russia and the Great Schism
    04:04 The Crusades, the Plague, and the Papacy
    08:08 Reformations, Wars, and the New World
    13:07 The Great Awakening and World Missions
    15:55 Conclusion

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