Thank you for joining this month with brothers and sisters in more than 100 countries to pray for the world. What a blessing it has been to consider the Gospel and the good news we have to share with the world because Christ came and because his Holy Spirit lives within us. Though our month of prayer draws to an end, this is not the end of our prayers. It is not the end of our partnership, a partnership which brings glory to God.

It is not the end of what God wants to do in us and in and among the nations, so that many more people will have the opportunity to come to know Jesus Christ as personal Savior.

In this video, Michael Oh shares five ways that your interaction with Lausanne can continue.

May God bless you.


This blog is a part of the Lausanne Global Prayer Focus. We invite you to journey with The Lausanne Movement in prayer throughout the month of May. This journey will be a personal one, and a collective one. It will be focused on the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, his good news for all people.

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