Welcoming All the Voices in Latin America

‘The season of singing has come’, and the voices are joining the huge universal chorus that announces the consummation of God’s plan (Song of Sol 2:12, Rev 19:5). There was a time when the voices were few . . . But during the last few decades, many voices have been incorporated, and new ones continue to arrive from unexpected places! The polyphony is rich, diverse, thrilling.

The voices from Latin America, like the voices from all the nations, were convened by the Great Conductor. And they are not soloist voices. They came to join and contribute to the choir—one that is composed of diverse voices, each with its own irreplaceable characteristics. The wonder is that although the voices are so different, all complement each other, and the resulting performance is a memorable one.

However, the focus is not on the voices; it is on the Great Conductor. Not only is he the one who chose the score and has a way to run it, he called for the voices and teaches them how to sing. He makes the voices sing in full harmony and manages the time, the pace, the speed. Yes, there are many voices, but the center is always the Conductor.

The Lausanne Movement, I suggest, is part of the great global chorus inviting voices to join, voices that have not always been heard. In this chorus there is a place for everyone. God has given in particular to the church in Latin America vision and commitment for mission. We have people called and prepared, there is cultural affinity, capacity to establish relationships, and much grace to extend. We see churches that are willing to participate, churches with a pioneer heart, sensitivity to the people, and a commitment to see the gospel impacting every sphere. Above all things, there is a deep love for God, and that is what matters most. The church in Latin America has much to give.

From the region of Lausanne Latin America we are thrilled to be a part—with all other voices—in this great interpretation. Let us serve and sing together, that the whole world might hear our song. The season of singing has come!

Daniel Bianchi
Lausanne Regional Director for Latin America

Daniel BianchiRegional Director for Latin America
Member, LGA Editorial Advisory Board
Regional Representative, YLGen

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