Steve Woodworth

Chair, Communications Working Group


Steve is the president of Masterworks, a full-service agency serving Christian organizations. With his leadership, Masterworks has grown from 10 people to more than 100 dedicated professionals. As a vice president at World Vision, Steve led all marketing programs, in addition to church and volunteer programs and donor services. Before joining Masterworks, Steve was a partner in The Thomas Group, a management consulting firm helping Fortune 500 companies boost productivity and profitability through process reengineering. According to Steve, his single most important decision at Masterworks was answering God’s call to specialize in helping grow Christian ministries. That has led to a culture where the client’s mission is first, innovation is continuous and profit rarely considered in any decision. Steve also has served as chair of Lausanne’s Communications Working Group since 2007. For the Cape Town 2010 Congress, he assembled a team of more than 120 communications professionals from more than 20 countries. He spent a quarter of his time for four years in this volunteer leadership role.