Ravi Jayakaran

Catalyst for Integral Mission


Dr Ravi I Jayakaran has well over three decades of experience in poverty reduction and strategic development programs. Ravi is the president / CEO of Medical Ambassadors International, an organization that is committed to healing lives and transforming communities holistically. 

Dr Jayakaran has worked in senior management positions in the corporate sector, with international NGOs, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), and the UNDP. He has lived and worked long-term in India, Cambodia, China, and the US, and has provided technical support in more than 23 countries across Asia, Africa, and the Americas. He has provided support on issues of participatory development, poverty reduction, the impact of regional economic integration, rapid needs assessments, corporate social responsibility, evaluations and capacity building, and holistic mission. He has also worked on HIV/AIDS programs, street children support programs, and human trafficking prevention.

Ravi and his wife Vimla live in Ripon, California (US). They have two grown sons, Amit David Jayakaran and Rohit Jonathan Jayakaran. Dr Jayakaran can be contacted at [email protected] and on his website at www.ravijayakaran.com.