Kristina Alikhanyan

Catalyst for Tentmaking


Kristina was born in Armenia and grew up in an atheistic family.

In 2001 she got her MD degree from Yerevan State Medical University and in 2006 she did her PhD. Until 2015 Kristina worked in the Yerevan State Medical University as an associate professor and then she and her husband moved to Atlanta, Georgia (US), to pursue postdoctoral training in neuroscience at Emory Medical School.

Kristina became a Christian in 2002 after graduating from the Medical University and in 2006 they formed the Armenian Christian Medical Association (ACMA NGO) where she served as CEO for eight years. Since 2013 Kristina and her husband Hanri, who is a dentist, have been involved with ICMDA with the aim to help Christian doctors of Turkey and Georgia to form their own national Christian medical movements.