Evi Rodemann

Chair, YLGen Groups & Gatherings


Evi Rodemann is from Hamburg, Germany. She calls herself a ‘cheerleader of the next generation’ as she is such a fan of young people and wants to see them run the race of life and leadership well. From early on she has been involved with youth and at the same time has a burden to see events have long-lasting impact. She has been engaged in various national and pan-European youth networks and events and for nine years served as the CEO of Mission-Net. Now she chairs the new organization LeadNow.

Since 2015 she has been part of the Lausanne Europe team and facilitates younger leaders’ interactions in Europe and Germany. On the YLGen team she chairs Groups & Gatherings, which aims to facilitate the development of global younger leaders through multicultural and generational Connect and Interest Groups, national and regional younger leaders gatherings, cross-cultural friendships, and the publishing of planned surveys and strategic global mission research on next generation leadership.

She has an MA in European mission (UK) and has started a PhD on event impact with UNISA. When she is not found among young people, she works part-time in Germany’s largest aluminium company as their event manager, living a missional lifestyle.