Pranitha Timothy

Catalyst for Freedom and Justice
Co-Regional Director for South Asia


Pranitha is a senior consultant at a non-profit charitable organization that works to end domestic violence, child sexual abuse, and sex trafficking. This organization also works to make this world a better place for the differently abled and those who cannot access or afford medical care.

Her expertise is based on decades of pioneering grassroots work as a human rights defender. Her work first began with working with life-sentenced prisoners and setting up community and child development centres. She is most popularly known for her courageous documentations and rescue work that has helped free thousands of bonded labourers. She has created novel systems of restoration for survivors of trauma and advocated for criminal justice reformation.

Pranitha has been outspoken on matters of justice and community intervention both in India and around the world. Her past engagements include the Global Leadership Summits in Chicago and Germany and the Lausanne Movement’s Third Congress on World Evangelization in Cape Town, South Africa. She is a Thomson Reuters ‘Trust Women’ Scholar. A German author has written her biography, Love Beyond Borders, about her journey of establishing justice and hope in this world.

Pranitha’s husband Timothy Vanderputt and children Diya and David support her in this journey.