Lausanne Occasional Papers

The Lausanne Occasional Papers (LOPs) are historically important documents that have emerged from global consultations of evangelical influencers convened by the Lausanne Movement. Billy Graham, Founder of the Lausanne Movement, wrote of Lausanne's role in stimulating 'fresh biblical thinking to help evangelical Christians understand more clearly God's calling for his people.' He continues:

Much of this has taken place through smaller conferences and working groups focusing on such issues as the relationship between evangelism and social responsibility, prayer and evangelism, conversion, and the gospel and culture. At times their conclusions were intended only as a first step, or were even controversial. Others, however, have proved to be definitive statements with broad influence. Each deserves careful study and reflection, for the issues they raise are vital. (Billy Graham, from the Forward to Making Christ Known)
The LOPs have been made freely available on the Lausanne website as resources for mission-minded Christians. While the Lausanne Movement does not necessarily endorse every viewpoint expressed in these documents, we strongly encourage that they be carefully and prayerfully studied, as Dr Graham recommended. Most are substantial in length, and you may want to use the PDF download button on each page to save the document as a PDF or print it for offline reading. We also encourage you to search through the broader Lausanne content library as a wealth of other articles, books, and videos are available on a range of issues related to global mission.