Asia J. Williamson

Catalyst for Leadership Development

United Kingdom

Asia J. Williamson is co-founder and co-director of One Rock International and the founder of SheLives. She is half Polish and half German. Asia’s passion is to develop people, equipping them to live with courage and lead with competence in the midst of complexities and change.

Prior to deciding to work full-time for a Christian ministry, Asia worked for the Polish government in the area of European Union integration and has training in diplomatic protocol. Over the last 20 years she has travelled to over 40 countries around the world training leaders, coaches, and mentors. She is an author of two biographies, one on Hudson Taylor and one on Amy Carmichael, two amazing missionaries she has been deeply influenced by. She has also been influenced by the teaching of Dallas Willard and is a board member of Renovaré Britain and Ireland as well as Sanctus in Germany

Asia is a lecturer at William Carrey International University (US) and Westminster Theological Centre (UK) and is the director of the MA in Public Service Leadership program at Waverley Abbey.

She lives outside of London with her husband Mark, and together they have been involved in leading a Fresh Expression church for the last 16 years.