02 Oct 2021 · 02 Oct 2021


Many emerging leaders in the South East Asia region are unable to reach their full potential for various reasons, one of them being the lack of mentors to guide and pass on their insights to them. How did Jesus mentor his disciples? What principles can we apply to help mentor and develop our future leaders?

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To help address these questions, the Lausanne Regional Forum for YLGen South East Asia will be hosting a virtual webinar called ‘Why Mentors Matter?’ on 2 October 2021 at 10.30 Malaysia/Singapore time (see your time zone).

During the gathering, Dr Tan Soo-Inn will share the biblical basis of mentoring and its applications, while Dr Suparno Adijanto will provide an example of a mentoring model that is being applied in Indonesia. Dr Athena Gorospe will share about mentoring in the context of academia and women leaders. Finally, Bro. Cheong Seng Gee will wrap up the session. The gathering will be hosted by Lausanne co-regional directors Philip Chang and I’Ching Thomas, as well as Graduates Christian Fellowship Malaysia and the National Economic Empowerment Coalition.

To learn more send an Email to [email protected]