Church Planting Multiplication in Asia: The Gospel Engine

24 Jan 2023 · Online

Our Asia CPX webinar on Tuesday 24 January helped bring a research dimension to missionary work through ‘The Gospel Engine’, featuring Dwight Martin, founder of Estar Foundation and president of the Association of Free Churches in Thailand.

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While missionaries and churches often rely on broad estimates, Dwight Martin can tell you the exact number of churches in Thailand, as well as calculate exactly how many subdistricts in the Buddhist kingdom of Thailand have no churches at all. He can even tell you how many people live in communities without any Christian neighbours. He oversees the most comprehensive national church database in the world, with corresponding maps indicating exactly which corners of the colourful South East Asian country are most desperate for the gospel.

We also look forward to having these webinars in the months to follow:

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  • 28 Feb – Church Planting in the Context of Iran, David Yeghnazar
  • 28 Mar – Church Planting in Pakistan, Naeem Samuel & Naeem John
  • 25 Apr – Church Planting in the Low Population Nomadic Situations of Mongolia, Stone Chuluunbat & Bolortuya Damdinjav
  • 23 May – Planting Churches in Restricted Contexts, Rev Asa Kain
  • More information on these webinars will be made available.