A Vision for Accelerating Global Mission

The gospel for every person. Disciple-making churches for every people and place. Christ-like leaders for every church and sector. Kingdom impact in every sphere of society. The fourfold vision of the Lausanne Movement captures the heartbeat of the global mission movement today. Take time to dwell with each vision point and recalibrate your heart for the nations in this devotional plan series, A Vision for Accelerating Global Mission.

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Daily Devotional Plans

The Gospel for Every Person (5 Days)

The gospel is for every person because Jesus is for every person. May this five-day devotional plan based on the first vision statement of the Lausanne Movement, ‘the gospel for every person’, lead you to deeper engagement with the love of Christ and a deeper desire to share that love with others.

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Discipleship: God’s Plan for Reaching the World (6 Days)

Many churches today are like spiritual orphanages, filled with people who accepted the gospel but never grew in maturity because no one has discipled them. This 6-day devotional plan will help you break the cycle of spiritual abandonment by exploring Jesus’ command to discipleship. May it reignite your passion for becoming a disciple-making disciple.

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