This is the inaugural issue of Lausanne Global Analysis. It’s gratifying to see something that we’ve dreamed about, prayed over, and worked towards for over two years come to life.

Our inspiration for Lausanne Global Analysis (LGA) was a conversation I had with David Young, founder of Oxford Analytica, in 2010. David, a committed believer, and I were discussing the need Christian leaders have for trustworthy, intellectual analysis of the issues before us in today’s world.

We felt there was a gap between the massive amount of information that surrounds us 24/7, and the ability to process that information and access credible analysis from an evangelical perspective.

It was in that conversation – and in subsequent conversations with leaders from around the world – that the idea for LGA was born. Our purpose is the following: ‘To deliver strategic and credible information and insight from an international network of evangelical analysts so that Christian leaders will be equipped for the task of world evangelization.’

What makes the LGA unique is our intentional focus on globally-representative, thoughtfully written articles that provide timely analysis and policy recommendations that respond to our ever-changing political, social, and religious climate. We seek to serve leaders who are faced with major decisions about the deployment of personnel and other resources because of political unrest, natural disaster and other circumstances. We seek to serve leaders who need to be well-informed and conversant on the issues today – and their implications for ministry in 2, 3 or even 10 years.

I’m pleased to tell you that David Taylor, who was Deputy Editor of the Oxford Analytica Daily Brief and is still involved there part time, is serving as our Editor. He works with Naomi Frizzell, Lausanne’s Chief Communications Officer, who is LGA Senior Managing Editor. Thomas Harvey, Academic Dean at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, and Todd Johnson, Director of the Center for the Study of Global Christianity, serve as Contributing Editors.

Our Editorial Board represents the broad spectrum of the evangelical church and provides us with a solid foundation on which to build this publication. Invitations to four other leaders are outstanding.

With the encouragement of David Young, and the partnership of David Taylor, we trust that we will be able to produce a new product that will be of a high standard of excellence and insight. We are also grateful for the collaboration of major study centers around the world.

However, the most valuable resource we have in Lausanne are colleagues like you who serve as senior executives of major mission organizations, pastors of influential churches, scholars, and evangelical leaders in business, government, and the media. I encourage you to read the LGA, share it with others and send us your ideas and suggestions at [email protected].

Many of the issues that we will cover in the next few months will be among the priority issues that we discuss next June at The Lausanne Global Leadership Forum. We trust that The Lausanne Global Analysis will serve as a thought leader for policy makers and decision makers in the context of a complex world. It is our hope that the LGA will enable the best minds in the church to address the world’s biggest challenges in such a way that enables the church to more fully carry out our redemptive, reconciling role in the world.

I also want to let you know of two important books which have just been published through the Lausanne Library:

1. Christ our Reconciler: Gospel, Church, World (IVP/Lausanne Library), the official record of The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization. Christ our Reconciler forms the backdrop to The Cape Town Commitment, now published in 25 languages, and with a further 20 in preparation.

2. The Cape Town Commitment Study Edition (Hendrickson/Lausanne Library) has been masterfully crafted by Rose Dowsett for individuals or for group study. It is thoughtful, intelligent and theological, with searching questions of application.

To learn more, please go to

It is my prayer that Lausanne Global Analysis is a help to you, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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