Engaging the Marginalized

Michael Panther

Michael Panther was born in South Sudan, where he was diagnosed with tuberculosis of the spine, leaving him permanently in a wheelchair. His remarkable journey brought him to the USA, where he is a leader in the community. He was prevented from coming to the gathering in person due to visa complications, but gave this rousing message by video. In this brief but inspiring video, he encourages the church to engage with those that are different than us, reminding us that God is near to the marginalized, the disabled, the broken.

This presentation was given at the third Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering (YLG2016) held in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 3-10 August 2016. To learn more about YLG2016 and the Lausanne Movement visit www.lausanne.org.

Date: 05 Aug 2016

Grouping: Session Videos

Gathering: 2016 YLG


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