Did you know the number of people with little or no access to the gospel has actually grown since the mid-1980s? Yet tragically, only about 3% of global missionaries today serve this critical demographic. In light of this, what better person to turn to than Jesus himself for better strategies to reach and change whole people groups? Kent Parks lays out Jesus’ proven, biblical, and transformative discipling methods, that the church might work more effectively to finish the task that Jesus gave us–to reach every people group with the gospel.

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2 comments on “Finishing the Remaining 29% of World Evangelization
  1. Mike Tyler says:

    Could free downloadable training resources on: http://www.aidfortrade.info which have been specially developed to equip local Christian leaders and mission workers to provide training for basic income generation be a useful component of programmes to reach the 29% as an integral mission approach – as well as contributing to the UN’s global SDG priority of severe poverty reduction?
    These programme are currently being used in fifteen countries

    • Robby Butler says:

      Mike, Thank you for bringing your resource to our attention. Outside funding so often kills off movements, and it is essential that we learn to equip local believers to develop local resources and funding within movements. May the things you have gathered and are learning be of great value to what our Father is doing for the poorest on our planet.

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